A – Class Executive Check-Up

This includes Physical examinations of all systems, routine investigation of blood, including blood count, Screening for Diabetes, Lipid profile (Screening for Blood fats), Kidney function tests, Liver function tests, urine and stool examinations. Also include special investigation like ECG, chest x-ray, treadmill test, Pulmonary function test, Ultra sound scan, Prostate Specific Antigen.


  • Register your name either by phone, mail or fax
  • Mention the date of arrival
  • Get admitted in the morning
  • Consultation and check-up by Specialists
  • Investigations
  • Counseling and advice
  • Discharge in the evening with the report

Our Executive Check-up Helps to Detect

  • Hypertension
  • Heart Diseases
  •     Diabetes
  •     Lung Diseases
  •     Liver Diseases
  •     Kidney Diseases
  •     Mass in Abdomen
  •    Prostate cancer
  •     Neurological deficit