• Hip replacement

In severe spondylitis, hip joints are affected, causing limited spine movement. In hip replacement surgery, the ends of both bones of the damaged hip are replaced with new joint material (prosthesis). The new joint is usually made of metal. Surgical cement is used to attach the prosthesis to the hip bone.

  • Shoulder replacement

The shoulder joint is sometimes damaged by spondylitis condition. If the damage is severe, then shoulder replacement surgery is opted. In the surgery, artificial joint parts are used to replace the damaged bones of the shoulder.

  • Knee replacement

Spine main often drops to the lower part of the body. It may cause damage to a part or whole of the knee joint. During the surgical procedure, the damaged parts of bone and cartilage are cleared out from the body. Metal or plastic implants are then used in the empty space. Hence, the normal knee function is regained.

  • Corrective spinal surgery

Corrective spinal surgery is a major surgery used to correct rare spinal deformities. Severe bending in the spine is primarily treated. During the surgical procedure, the bent spine is properly straightened.