Bat ear correction (Prominent Ear Correction/Pinnaplatsy)

  Bat ear correction is also known as prominent ear correction. The procedure involves positioning and re-shaping the ears. It is done in order to set them back closer to the head. It does not change the size of the ears. Shape and position are the main facets that bat ear correction procedure addresses. A healthy individual who suffer from problems such as- Bad positioning and shape can go for bat ear correction. The surgery will not be conducted for children below five years.

   During the surgery, you will be put to sleep by giving anesthesia. The procedure may be carried out for both ears or only for one side. Entire surgery takes only one hour to complete. After giving you anesthesia, the surgeon will make incisions on the required part. Through the incisions, a small amount of skin will be removed and refashion the underlying cartilage. The procedure helps to create missing folds and allow the ear to lie closer to the  side of head. The incisions will be closed with sutures and ear(s) will be bandaged after the surgery.

   The surgery is carried out within hours and do not require hospital stay in most cases. Major and complicated case may require observation. The patient may have to take rest for at least ten days after the surgery. Medications will be prescribed to relieve post-operative pain and discomfort. The bandage will be kept for for about seven days in order to heal the wound completely. Some may be advised to wear a protective headband for some period after the surgery. The patient may also be suggested to avoid swimming and hair wash for some weeks. Post-operative care may vary accordingly.

   Any surgery will have certain complications and risks. Bat ear correction surgery may have the following complications:

  • Complications with general anesthesia
  •  Development of scars
  • Numbness of the ears
  • Hematoma
  • Infections
  • Recurrence etc.  

    Normally, follow up care might be required for a period of 2-3 months. The result can be visible immediately after the surgery.