Chest (Man boobs or moobs/ gynecomastia)

  Liposuction has become a very common procedure among most of the people. Most of us seek liposuction procedure for our different requirements. The liposuction procedure helps to remove unwanted fat from different areas of the body such as abdomen, lips, buttocks, thighs, knees, chin, cheeks, neck etc. Both men and women can be a candidate for liposuction procedure. In the case of men, liposuction is required to reduce the excessive chest (the condition called ‘gynecomastia’).

  A good candidate for liposuction for chest reduction is one who is mentally and physically healthy.  Men who have abnormally larger breasts are the good candidates for chest liposuction. The candidate should have realistic expectations about the results and risks of the procedure. The candidate should have firm, elastic skin with pockets of excess fat in the chest area. Individuals with medical conditions such as lung diseases, diabetes, poor blood circulation and those who had a prior surgery in the same area etc. are not considered to be apt for chest liposuction.

  Chest liposuction is considered to be the second fastest growing procedure for men. The procedure takes only 1-2 hours time to complete. Through the surgery, the individual will be able to regain the lost confidence and self-esteem. For the procedure, the surgeon will make a small incision around the lower half of the nipple area. Through this incision, the surgeon will insert a small tube called cannula, and suck out the excess fat. The entire procedure will be done under local anesthesia.

  There can be swelling and bruising after the surgery. The surgeon may suggest medications and methods to heal the discomfort after the surgery. The stitches will be removed or dissolve on their own within the first week itself. Strenuous activities will not be allowed for about one month.