Binju Dinu a lady of 28 years was brought to hospital in the afternoon of 24th October 2010 with loss of scalp on the right side of head and part of forehead and upper side of the right temporal region.

The separated scalp with hair was in two pieces.

The scalp was accidentally avulsed as it got into a sugarcane juice making machine and the avulsed scalp and patient was brought to the hospital immediately.

The separated scalp was replanted and connected to the live blood vessels of the scalp. Successful replanted avulsed scalp and post operative photograph of the flap with grown hair.

2 hour surgery done in the afternoon on 24th October 2010 surgery done by plastic surgeon Dr. R Jayakumar

and anesthetist Dr. Kavitha.

Successful replanted scalp with hair roots seen in the picture.

Scan10001 (1)

Country’s first composite facial part replant done at cochin specialists’ hospital


[caption id="attachment_3386" align="aligncenter" width="447"]XSane scanned image XSane scanned image[/caption]



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