Laparoscopic Urology

The Department Offers
Laparoscopic Urology (Key hole surgery). Being the first laparoscopic Urology unit in Kerala state, the department is proud to be the pioneer in Laparoscopic Urology in the state. Almost all procedures which were done by the open method in the past are being done Laparoscopically routinely.

This includes Nephrectomies, Radical Prostatectomy, Nephroureterectomies(Kidney removal for benign and cancer), Pyeloplasties in infants and adults for kidney obstruction, Orchidopexies(treatment for undescended testis), Varicocoelectomies for infertility, Uretero lithotomies(for urinary stones) and other procedures such as renal cyst deroofing, etc.

The Advantages of Laparoscopy
The creation of small keyholes as against large wounds for surgery, decreases the stress on the body and facilitates early recovery. There is less trauma to the internal organs and the magnification produced by the equipment, greatly facilitates precision of surgery. The patient remains less number of days in hospital and can return to work earlier than open surgery. The small incision of laparoscopy, decreases postoperative pain around 20 times less than open surgery. Even though the surgical expense of Laparoscopic surgery is more, the total cost of the treatment of the disease is usually 20% less than open surgery