Today we are witnessing a new trend called lip reduction that is gaining more and more popularity in the contemporary world. Through this read, let’s find out more about this.

What is this process all about?

Lip reduction is a minimally invasive surgical procedure intended to create a smaller, thinner pout by reducing the volume of the lips (making them less full).

It is not painful and it is not dangerous even though it is a surgical procedure.

The main goal is to achieve a more desirable ratio between your lips and the rest of your face. It can be beneficial for people who feel that their lips are too big for their face, as well as anyone who is self-conscious about the size of their lips.

The Lip Reduction Surgery

It is performed under local anesthesia and generally takes less than 30 minutes per lip. As each patient is unique and has different needs, the incisions and points are adapted to the type of reduction desired.

Your plastic surgeon will use dissolving sutures that will dissolve harmlessly over time (about a week) as the incisions heal, leaving no permanent marks. Dissolvable sutures are completely safe and are used in a variety of medical procedures.

As all points are treated by our body as foreign substances, our body acts to destroy or expel them. Dissolving stitches are made from natural materials which the body can break down relatively easily.

So, by the time the incisions have healed enough, the stitches have begun to dissolve, leaving no scar marks or inflammation. The stitches will dissolve completely when the wound has healed enough.

Depending on your particular needs and the desired result, the surgery can be performed on the lower lip, upper lip, or both. It is safe and convenient to have surgery on both lips.

Your new lips

It is natural that right after surgery, you may experience some swelling, or redness which leads to a slight discomfort. Some techniques like pain relievers and ice packs help you here at the moment.

You will not have any particular problem eating or drinking. Your plastic surgeon will give you some reasonable advice and restrictions for the first few days.

The stitches can be removed as soon as a week after the procedure and you can return to work as long as you are comfortable with your new look.

After the procedure, your lips get smaller and proportionate as you wish which will increase your confidence and make you feel more happy with the appearance of your new lips.

Considering lip reduction surgery?

It is always important to focus on quality rather than inexpensive solutions. So here we are!! Contact more eminent plastic surgeons at Specialists Hospital to discuss the procedure. This will definitely help you make decisions regarding the surgery. Visit us and ensure you are at the right place.