Though exercise and dieting are the first steps towards reducing body weight, for few people it doesn’t work. Liposuction is a surgical process that helps you to get rid of those excess fats without any effort.
Liposuction or Liposculpture suction is a cosmetic surgery that breaks up fat cells and sucks them from the body. Liposuction is mostly conducted in the abdomen area, thigh, neck, buttocks, back of upper, back and calves. 

How does the procedure works?

The procedure for liposuction varies depending on the percentage of fat removed. If the percentage of fat needed to be removed is less then local anesthesia is given but if large scale fat is removed, general anesthesia is applied. The procedure is performed using a small suction device named cannula. Next, small incisions are made in the targeted area and the cannula is inserted to draw the excess fat cells present in between skin and muscles. The amount of time required for the procedure again depends on the amount of fat removed.
The best candidates for liposuction
A good candidate for liposuction should meet the following criteria:

  •     The person should have firm and elastic skin as it helps to get a smoother result.
  •     Adult within 30% of their ideal weight with good muscle tone.
  •     The person should be a non-smoker.
  •     The person should not have any previous medical conditions that are the candidate should be in total good health. Any serious illness will affect the healing process.

So, if you think that you have stubborn concentrated pockets of fat that are not reacting to diet or exercise, liposuction is the ideal way out for you.

Where should you go for permanent fat removal in Kerala?

If you are planning to go for any cosmetic surgery, you need to consult a renowned general surgeon in Kochi. The Specialists’ Hospital in Kochi is one of the leading health care providers that offers numerous cosmetic treatments. We have a team of cosmetic surgeons who have the right skills and knowledge to treat any kind of body issues.
So if you are looking for permanent fat removal in Kerala, feel free to contact us.

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