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Otoplasty (Correction of prominent ears)

Otoplasty also called ‘ear surgery’ is a surgical procedure to improve the shape, position, or proportion of the ear. It can correct defects in the ear, whether it is congenital or contracted.

The surgery is done to give the ear a natural shape, and bring balance and proportion to the face and ears. Specifically saying, ear surgery can treat issues such as:

  • Macrotia- a rare condition that causes overly large ears
  • Microtia – a small deformed ear
  • Protruding ears that too in different sizes
  • Accidents and other problems which cause injuries to the ear
  • When not satisfied with the previous surgery

A healthy individual without any serious illness and having problems with the ear can be a good candidate for ear surgery. The candidate should have realistic expectations about the surgery and results. Individuals with smoking habits are not considered to be a good candidate for ear surgery.

Before the surgery, you should have a thorough discussion with the surgeon regarding the pros and cons of the surgery. The surgeon will also evaluate your health condition and history. During the surgery, your comfort is assured administering certain medications. It may be local intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. The surgeon will recommend you the best method for you. Protruding ears can be corrected using surgical techniques to increase or create a fold (antihelical fold) and to reduce the enlarged part of the ear.

For the procedure, incisions will be made on the back of the ear. Certain surgeries may even require incisions on the front of the ear. For which, they will be made within the folds. The newly shaped cartilage will be securely kept in place using non-removable, internal sutures. After reshaping, the incisions will be closed with external stitches.

The results are visible immediate after the surgery. There can be surgical scars left hidden behind the ear or in the natural creases of the ear. Some may be visible and dissolve within a period of time. Whereas, some may not be visible. It is normal to have pain and discomfort after the surgery. It can be controlled with medication. More extensive ear surgeries may take time to show the results.

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