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Earlobe repair

A surgical procedure to fix ear-splitting. Ears that have been stretched or torn by trauma or wearing heavy earrings can cause ear-splitting or piercing.

Earlobe repair is also considered as a reasonable alternative to remove keloid scarring (a non-cancerous growth on the earlobe). It is a cosmetic procedure which involves cutting of the healed edges of a splitting, scarred or damaged tissues.

Any person who have ear-splitting or damaged tissue can be a good candidate for earlobe repair. The individual seeking the surgery should be healthy, without any serious illness. The surgery should be performed only after when the cartilage reached its final strength and position. Considering the fact, the earlobe surgery is suggested after the age of 5 years. Candidates for earlobe repair surgery will have to discontinue smoking as it may interfere with healing.

The surgery starts with a local anesthetic in order to make the candidate comfortable during the procedure. The area where the surgery to be performed is cleaned thoroughly and make incisions are made along the interior piercing tract. Excess tissue and scars(if any) will be cut and removed during the procedure. After that, the incisions will be closed with sutures.

The surgical area will be cleaned after the procedure and treated with ointment and antibiotics in order to prevent infection. Bandage attached to the area can control bruising and swelling. It may take around five days to remove the sutures. The patient will be suggested to avoid intense activities. Wounds will take one or two weeks to heal completely. Complications are very surgery for earlobe repair surgery. There can be negligible bleeding and other issues such as infection, poor wound healing etc.

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