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saddle nose currection

Saddle Nose Correction

Saddle Nose Rhinoplasty refers to the correction of a saddle nose, or commonly described as boxer’s nose , in which the central third of the nose has collapsed inward from prior trauma. Read More

crooked nose currection

Crooked Nose Correction

The crooked nose correction procedure is almost like a closed rhinoplasty. There will not be any external incisions made in order to reshape the nose. Read More

tip plasty

Tip Plasty

Tip-plasty is aimed at changing the shape of the nasal tip to improve the appearance of the nose. Read More

hump reduction

Hump Reduction

Nasal Hump Reduction is the process of removing or slimming down that hump.Both the bone and the cartilage must be removed for a successful Hump Reduction. Read More

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