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Tip plasty

The nose is one of the dominating features on the face. The tip gives much character to the nose. Changing the shape of the nasal tip can improve the character of the nose and the face. People who have wide, boxy, narrow, and bulbous nose are good candidates for tip plasty. People who want improve the nose can also be good candidates for tip plasty procedure. Individuals who have problems in breathing are also suggested to go for tip plasty as it can improve breathing.

Rhinoplasty – Saddle nose

Rhinoplasty – Nose job

You should have a clear picture about the surgery and its results and complications. For the tip plasty procedure, the surgeon will first apply anesthesia (either general or local). The surgeon will make incisions inside the nose or at the centre of the base called columella. The surgeon will extract the cartilage from the back of the ear. The extracted cartilage will be added to the tip of the nose. This is to sculpt the nasal tip to the desired shape.

Nasal tip enhancement or tip plasty is not done for everyone. The procedure helps people to achieve a beautiful, natural looking nose that is in proportionate size with the other features on the face.

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