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Arms Liposuction

People love to have beautifully shapes physique. There are many aspects that may damage the beauty of one’s body. Flab in the arms or “bat wings” is one among them.

Many individuals suffer from the same issue. People are forced to avoid sleeveless clothes due to the flabby arms. It is often seen individuals who have had a weight loss. Arms liposuction is said to be a solution for these flabby upper arms.

The procedure is relatively simple when concerned to other procedures. The entire procedure is performed on an outpatient basis. If it is done individually, a local anesthesia will be required. It might take around 90 minutes to complete.

A good candidate for the procedure should be at least 18 years old. Both males and females can undergo for the procedure. The candidate should be healthy enough, without any serious medical illness. People who are more than 11 kg overweight are not eligible for arm liposuction. Before choosing arm liposuction, you should first discuss all the pros and cons with the surgeon. He/she will be able to give you an outline about the procedure and its impacts.

Liposuction is a quickest way to eliminate the excess fat from the body. The arm liposuction procedure is a painless and easy method. It starts with a local anesthesia or a mild sedative. When you become numb, the surgeon will make tiny incisions in arms and administer tumescent solution. The surgeon will use a tiny tube called cannula to suck the fat out from the arm area. After removing the fat, the surgeon will wrap the area with compression garment. This will protect the area throughout the healing period. The small incisions will heal on their own.

The incisions will not leave scars as they do not require stitches. There might be slight swelling, pain and bruising for a short period. Other minor discomforts such as burning sensations, inflammation, numbness and tenderness will be there after the surgery. The surgeon may recommend pain relief medications and other medicines to control the risks. You will be able to resume your normal activities in around a week after the surgery. The compression bandage should be used for about 3 weeks from the surgery.

Other minor and rare risks may include – permanent numbness, lumpiness, dimpling, sagging skin etc.

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