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Axillary Breast Correction

Breast plays an important role in deciding a women’s beauty. Very large or too small breast can’t give a fuller look to a lady’s personality. Very large breast and small breasts can be corrected with procedures like breast reduction, augmentation etc.

Axillary breast is another condition that affects the breasts. An extra tissue fragment developed in breasts apart from the normal structure is called axillary breasts. This is a condition seen mostly among women. Men can also get affected by this condition.

Axillary breast is not considered as a fatal issue. But, the problem with this condition is that, it may pave way for other health problems. It can cause anxiety, pain, cosmetic problems, menstrual discomfort and restricted arm movement etc. Whatever, axillary breasts can be treated with surgical methods. There are two main surgical methods for correcting axillary breasts. They are- Excision and Liposuction. The method is chosen depending upon the severity. In certain cases, the surgeon may choose both the methods.

During the surgical procedure, an incision will be created in the axillary fold around the natural wrinkle. This was done using a small, remote needle. The new technologies have overcome the disadvantages of these kinds of needles that were prevalent in earlier times. Those times, these needles created complications in surgery. But now, the procedure is marked as much safer with new technologies and inventions. The operative area will be marked for surgical preferences. The procedure will not be much painful. The sites for lipoplasty and excision will be separated.

The procedure lipoplasty involves removing the excessive fat from the concerned area. After that, excess fat tissue and breast tissue will be isolated and removed. For this, a deep dissection will be made. After completing the procedure, the site will be covered with bandage and dressing.

The surgery may require one night stay in the hospital. The bandage will be removed after one to two weeks from the surgery. You will be suggested to wear sports bra for one to two months after the surgery. This is to give proper balance and support to the breast. Complete recovery will take one to two months after the surgery.

Common risks of axillary breast correction surgery may include scars, swelling, infection and bleeding. There might not be any major risks involved in this procedure

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