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Breast Augmentation (Implants / Fat injection)

Breast is a vital feature of a woman’s body. Most of the women want to have beautifully shaped full breasts. It adds confidence of the individual.

There are various procedures to increase the size and improve the shape of breasts. Fat injection is one among them. Fat injection has become an increasingly popular alternative for breast augmentation using implants.

Many factors such as ageing, weight loss, breast feeding etc. can cause losing the breast size and shape. Fat injection is a safe method when compared to the implant procedure. The procedure involves removing the fat from other areas of the body and transferring it into the breast area. Breast augmentation procedure with fat injection is a minimally invasive procedure. The procedures may or may not need anesthesia.

For the procedure, fat from other places of the body will be harvested and collected in an injectable tube. The fat grafts will be injected to the required area. The procedure can restore fullness, firmness and shape to the breast. When compared to implant breast augmentation procedure, fat injection has many benefits. As the fat is taken from other bulgy and thick parts of the body, your whole body gets reshaped.

There can be some swelling and bruising. The downtime is minimal for fat injection procedure. You will have to take rest for one or two weeks. After that, you will be able to resume strenuous physical activities.

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