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Crooked Nose Correction

Nose is considered to be the central feature that plays an important role in an individual’s appearance. Abnormally shaped nose destroys the symmetry of the face and its beauty. Poorly aligned nasal bridge causes crooked nose. Crooked nose can be congenital or can occur as a result of trauma or accident. If you are so unhappy with your frontal appearance of the nose, crooked nose correction can be a best solution for you.

Rhinoplasty – Saddle nose

Rhinoplasty – Nose job

The crooked nose correction procedure is almost like a closed rhinoplasty. There will not be any external incisions made in order to reshape the nose. The bridge will be repaired by going through the nostrils on both sides. The first step of the procedure is to reduce the bridge’s height so that the nasal bones can be moved easily. The bones will be broken after reducing the nasal bridge height. This procedure is called osteotomy of the nasal bone. Certain other procedures are also done along with this in order to make the nose balanced with the shape and size of other features of the face. Crooked nose reshaping is considered to be a more difficult process when compared to all other cosmetic nose reshaping procedures. The results of crooked nose correction surgery will be dramatic. The alignment of the nose will be completely changed and you will be able to see the results immediately after the procedure. The nose function will also become better after the surgery.

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