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Hump Reduction (Dosal Hump Reduction)

Nose is considered to be the central feature of face. It has a profound effect on facial aesthetic values. There are different procedure that aim at reshaping the nose in different ways. It is based on the requirements and conditions that affect the people. Nasal bumps are usually formed by either bone or cartilage on the nasal area or face. The process of slimming down or removing the hump is called hump reduction or dosal hump reduction. A successful hump reduction is done by removing both the bone and the cartilage.

Hump reduction is one of the very common procedures in rhinoplasty. Certain congenital issues or traumatic dislocation may result people in need of a hump reductions procedure.

Rhinoplasty – Saddle nose

Rhinoplasty – Nose job

For a highly experienced and skilled surgeon, hump reduction procedure is an easy task. As a first step, the surgeon will apply a local or general anesthesia. Next procedure is to separate the nasal cartilage from the septum. After that, the surgeon will reduce the size of cartilage during hump reduction. In order to get rid of the bony prominence in the nose, the surgeon will remove the extra bones. The nasal bones are then reshaped and the incisions will be closed.

Through the procedure, the patient can get rid of unwanted bump that protrude outwards from the nose. There are so many other techniques and methods for hump reduction.

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