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Flexible cystoscopy

Cystoscopy is a diagnostic procedure used to visualize the interior of the urinary bladder. In flexible cystoscopy, a thin flexible lighted tube (scope) is used.

Why is cystoscopy done ?

It is important to exclude any abnormality inside the bladder ,if you have conditions like,

  • Repeated infections of urinary tract
  • Passage of blood in urine (haematuria)
  • Painful urination or difficulty in passing urine
  • Urine leaking unintentionally (Incontinence)
  • As a follow-up at regular intervals after treatment of urinary bladder tumor

What happens during the procedure?

It is a simple outpatient painless procedure that usually takes 10 to 15 minutes.

  • No need for prior admission in the hospital
  • You will be taken to theater room and asked to change in to hospital gown (to reduce the chance of getting infections)
  • After lying down on a couch , your genital area is cleaned and a local anesthetic cream is applied in to the urethra
  • No need for any sedation as it is a painless procedure
  • The scope is introduced in to the urethra and gently passed in to the bladder along with a stream of water to visualize the parts clearly
  • Scope is removed after examining the bladder and this procedure usually takes only 10 to 15 minutes

You will get a detailed report with photographs on same day itself Some patients can develop a mild pain or discomfort in passing urine and it gets better with in 1 or 2 days You can return back to your home on same day

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