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The condition in which opening of the urethra is found on the underside of the penis is known as hypospadias. Urethra is the tube that carries urine from your bladder to the outside of the body. A parent may be distressed to see his son's abnormal condition. But there is nothing to worry. This condition will not cause any inconvenience to your child. This can be rectified by surgical correction and your boy will be able to enjoy normal sexual function.


  • Opening of the penis will be at another point other than its tip.
  • Ubnormal downward curving of the penis
  • Penis appears hooded as only top side of the penis is covered by foreskin.
  • Spraying during urination.

How common hypospadias is and what are its causes?

Hypospadias is found among 1 in 300 of every new born boy. Its rate of prevalence is on the increase. Growth of penis takes place while the baby is in the womb of the mother and the exact causes for hypospadias is not known. Hypospadias has been found to run in families.

Treatment for hypospadias

Surgeries are carried out when the child is around the age of 1 year.

When the hypospadias is mild the opening of the urethra is just a little behind the normal position. In such cases no treatment will be needed. However, surgery is found to be necessary in most cases. When the hypospadias is very severe more than one surgeries may be needed to completely settle the problem.

The surgeon will discuss with parents and decide what can be done. The intention of the surgeries is to make the penis look and function as a normal penis and to pass the urine in the forward direction. If abnormal bending of the penis known as chordee is present steps will be taken to correct this also. Foreskin of the penis or tissue from inside the mouth is used for correcting the urethra. Circumcision should not be done for boys with hypospadias before the defect is surgically corrected.

Hypospadias cripple. Failed multiple surgeries elsewhere

Pre operative picture - large penoscrotal fistula with no urethral tube distally and no local skin available for repair

Post operative view after complete reconstruction of the distal urethra

Mid penile hypospadias

Pre operative picture

Post operative veiw

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