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Division of Traumatology

Division of Traumatology

The word “Trauma” basically refers to any injury or wound to the body. It is usually from an external source and can have physical or psychic effect. It can cause mild or severe injury to an individual’s thinking ability. Similarly,accident is another such event with the same meaning. The physical aspect of an individual is mainly affected by an accident.

The reasons for trauma or accident varies with every individual. Some of the reasons include fall or sport injury, vehicle mishap, a shocking event, overstress, physical abuse, and a neglection feeling. Each person reacts differently to every trauma situation. Commonly seen symptoms are fear, anxiety, hopeless feeling, state of shock, hypertension, physical paralysis.

A careful planning can prevent most of the accidents. Proper care is an essential factor for treating such patients. If not corrected in appropriate time, injury can also lead to death. Support of family members and friends is important. The encouragement and guidance provided by them helps in the treatment procedure. Many trauma centers exist to help people who have undergone a trauma or accident. They provide strength to the candidate to cope with trauma memories and feelings of guilt. The individual is made to indulge in a numerous activities which builds-up his mind and overall wellness.

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