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Snehathanal now into houses to console cancer patients.

Snehathanal, a programme to minimize the financial burden of cancer patient is again moored in Cochin. Cancer department head, Dr. C.N. Mohanan Nair, Medical Officer, two nurses and two staffs are the team members in Snehathanal. Snehathanal target mainly on financially backward bed-ridden patients and treatment and medicines are free-of-cost. Snehathanal service is available on Tuesday and Saturday. Relatives can contact snehathanal team and can give patient informations and details for getting treatment and medicine at home free-of-cost. Services of Surgeons from Specialists’ hospital which is near North Railway station is also available under snehathanal sponsored by MBR trust. October month was celebrated as the month of Breast cancer internationally. It is advised for woman who is above 50 years old, to have mammography test once in a year, says Dr. Mohanan Nair. It is possible to identify tiny growths with the help of low frequency x-rays, mammography test is also available at many diagnostic center in the town.

Snehathanal team started giving medical treatment in patients houses too

Ernakulam Specialists’ Hospital’s programme “Snehathanal” extends their area of operations to the houses of financially backward bed-ridden patients. There are many organizations and Philanthropist who are helping these patients, but when comparing with the total number of patients, very few is getting these benefits.

Ernakulam is the only district which coordinates this type of charity programme. Patient from other district will also get treatment and medicine in the hospital at free-of-cost. Cancer specialist, Dr. C.N. Mohanan Nair, Medical Officer, Nursing superintendent, nurse staffs are in the Snehathanal team who visits the house of patients on Tuesday and Saturday.

Snehathanal is a relief to financially backward patients and hence, it is very popular among them. Relatives can contact Snehathanal team and can give patient informations and details for getting treatments and medicines in home free-of-cost.

Hospital Director, Dr. K.R. Rajappan who formulated this scheme tie up with MBR trust says that it aims to help the financially backward cancer patients who are unable to continue treatment. Services of surgeons from hospitals are also available to them.

For giving informations about patients dial : 0484-2887800
Or can contact Nursing Superintendent Annie Mathew on : 9746851386

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